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Over 45 Years of aviation experience

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About Us

With over 45 years of flying experience, Ron’s passion for aviation shines through, particularly in his love for MU2s and Aerostars. Alongside his wife Meredith, who is a seasoned member of the renowned TuneTown Show Chorus in Sweet Adolines, Ron has successfully operated various businesses utilizing aircraft for efficient and reliable business transportation.

At NJS, we understand the unique needs of business owners in today’s fast-paced world and strive to provide efficient and economical travel solutions tailored to your requirements. Drawing from our extensive background as both business owners and aircraft enthusiasts, we are well-equipped to analyze your travel needs and recommend the best aircraft solutions for you.

While you may feel confident in your ability to navigate the aircraft market independently, working with an aviation professional can offer invaluable benefits. Just as you would seek the expertise of a real estate agent when selling a home, entrusting your aircraft sale or acquisition to a professional like NJS ensures access to a wide range of aircraft options beyond what is readily available online or in publications.

By choosing NJS, you gain access to a global network of aircraft resources and industry connections, ensuring that you receive the best value for your aircraft transactions. Don’t let valuable opportunities pass you by – reach out to us today and let us guide you towards your next aviation venture.

Experience You Can Trust

Providing Aircraft Acquisitions and Sales of Premier Jet, Turbo Prop and Piston Cabin Class Aircraft

Whether you are planning to buy or sell, Northern Jet Sales is the logical choice:

At Northern Jet Sales we are:

  • Skilled in Domestic and International business aircraft acquisitions and sales Representing only top quality aircraft An efficient use of your time; we do the work, you make the decisions A business created for the businessman by a businessman Your representative, Your researcher, not influenced by other interests or the need to sell maintenance, parts or other services Dedicated to honest and ethical representation Having fun in a business we love.

Why Do I Need An Aviation Professional?

  • You have probably owned aircraft before and think your knowledge of the process is sufficient to find aircraft on your own.
  • You may have access to the internet and aircraft that is advertised for sale and you may think the money paid to either sell your existing plane or to help acquire a new one is just money wasted!
  • Most people would not try to sell their home without a professional or many other big ticket items. How can buying and selling an aircraft be any different?
  • An aircraft professional can find the right buyer for your existing plane and at the same time find the right replacement plane for you. That will represent an excellent value to you.
  • We have access to all the planes in the world, not just the ones on the internet or available publications.
  • Would you like to own MORE aircraft than you ever thought possible??

Become an AIRCRAFT INVESTOR! — Make a PROFIT on your aircraft and let us assist with the REDUCTION of the taxes on your aircraft !

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Client testimonials

I`ve been very busy since the day I had the pleasure of been able to shake hands with you in Kissimee. In fact just got home last Saturday. I finished my training that same day we met, then I flew the airplane in the US some 12 hours before setting to Brasil. I`m very pleased with it, and I`m enjoying and feeling more comfortable on it every day. It has been squawk free and performing better than what I had expected, I can only say that I`m very happy.”
Before retaining you as my acquisition agent I had spent hours on the internet and talking to brokers about King Airs. After getting the run around, being shown aircraft that weren’t what they were represented to be, and being “snubbed” it was refreshing to work with you. You showed me aircraft that were not officially on the market, and “culled” all the ones that did not meet my standards, saving me many hours.
“He is truthful to a fault; fairly representing the aircraft and you as a potential buyer or seller. His honesty is very narrow wire to walk; he does it superbly! He is there at any time to help and advise about the process, the timing and the detail of a transaction that is anything but simple and intuitive.
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