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About Us


About Us:

Meredith has been Very Active in Sweet Adolines, and a member of the world famous TuneTown Show Chorus.  They have competed in several International Competitions, Including Calgary, Nashville, Houston, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Honolulu. Our daughter is also in Sweet Adolines in the TuneTown Show Chorus,


Ron and Meredith

Ron Northern, Aircraft Sales:

Ron has over 45 years of flying experience in various airplanes; his favorites are MU2s and Aerostars.

Ron and wife, Meredith, have had several successful sales and manufacturing companies utilizing aircraft for business transportation before launching Northern Jet Sales, LLC. (NJS)

  1. 1. NJS has the perspective of a business owner/operator and the needs in today’s world for efficient and economical, dependable travel.
  2. 2. We have the ability to analyze your travel needs and recommend the best solutions for you.
At Fees You Can Afford!I once had a friend tell me, as I was evaluating the cost of a new business wardrobe, whether I should make the purchase,“Sir in your business you can’t afford ‘not’ to make this purchase!!”I remember his words well and he was so right. He had the expertise to properly advise me and make sure I did the ‘right’ thing!!So why not give us a call?

Why Do I Need An Aviation Professional?

You have probably owned aircraft before and think your knowledge of the process is sufficient to find aircraft on your own.

You may have access to the internet and aircraft that is advertised for sale and you may think the money paid to either sell your existing plane or to help acquire a new one is just money wasted!

Most people would not try to sell their home without a professional or many other big ticket items. How can buying and selling an aircraft be any different?

An aircraft professional can find the right buyer for your existing plane and at the same time find the right replacement plane for you. That will represent an excellent value to you.

We have access to all the planes in the world, not just the ones on the internet or available publications. The planes found online or in the publications have really already been ‘picked over’ by ‘those in the know’.


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