Bank Repo Aircraft


Bank Repo Aircraft that we have sold for the lender.

Northern Jet Sales has been liquidating aircraft for lenders long before the recent financial disruptions. We have sold millions of dollars of lender distressed aircraft from piston singles to corporate jets!! In addition to the distressed aircraft we have sold for many lenders, we have also acted as a consultant providing market evaluations, appraisals, marketing assistance, location services and crew services for these lenders. The ‘bottom line’  is that Northern Jet Sales is connected to this market!!!

Following are some of the Bank Repossessions handled by Northern Jet Sales.

1980 Learjet 25D SN 301 SOLD!!

1971 Hawker 125-400A SN 759 N125CF  SOLD!!

1971 Hawker 400A SN0755,  N755WJ SOLD!!

1980 Lear 35A SN 311  SOLD!!

1982 Mitsubishi Solitaire SN 439 N439BA  SOLD!!

1980 Mitsubishi MU2 Marquise SN 1505 N999ET  SOLD!!


1980 Cessna 421C, N421HP  SOLD!!

1993 Cessna Grand Caravan N9697C S/N 208B0355 SOLD!!

2000 Cessna 172S N630SP  SOLD!!

1974 Cessna 310 Q Colemill N47BG  SOLD!!

1977 Piper Seneca II N1808A  SOLD!!

1978 Cessna 421C S/N 421C0446  N5NN  SOLD!!