1974 Mitsubishi MU-2K N462MA Serial Number 302



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  • 7137 TT
  • LE In Shop
  • 4400 SOH/ 972 SHOT


  • Chelton Synthetic Vision System (3 Displays) with latest Software (SBAS/WAAS/LPV/VNAV)
  • Updated Next Generation ADAHRS (Combined AHRS and ADC)
  • Remote Bugs Panel (Chelton RBP)
  • ADS-B
  • VNAV
  • TAWS
  • Mid Continent MD222-406 GPS/VLOC/GS Indicator
  • Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel with 6 place voice activated intercom
  • Garmin SL-30 Nav Com
  • Garmin GNS480 WAAS/GPS/Nav/Comm with latest software and LPV
  • Garmin GMX200 MFD with Radar/Traffic/Terrain
  • Garmin GDL69A XM Receiver for Weather and Music
  • Garmin GTX-33ES Mode S Transponder – ADS-B out Compliant
  • Garmin GTX-327 Transponder #2
  • Dual Sandia Blind encoders
  • RCA 2600-2 Electronic Attitude Indicator (Mini EFIS) with ESP-1 Backup Battery
  • Shadin ADC-2000 ADC #2
  • Shadin ADC-200 ADC #3
  • Honeywell RS181A Radar RT Unit
  • L-3/Goodrich SKY497 Skywatch Active Traffic System (Displays on all Chelton Units & GMX200)
  • Davtron 811B Clock (coupled to landing gear)
  • Collins Radar Altimeter (displayed on Chelton EFIS)
  • Fuel Flow Computers on both Chelton EFIS & Garmin GNS480
  • M4D Autopilot Coupled to GPS including GPS Roll Steering and VNAV
  • Roll, Pitch and Yaw Autopilot Servos Recent Overhaul
  • Bose Headsets, wired (LEMO) for Pilot & Copilot
  • Pilot Bluelink Bluetooth Adapter
  • Kannad 406AF ELT


  • Flight Crew Shoulder Harnesses STC SA1751SW
  • Pilot Sheepskin Seats
  • Leather Interior (good condition)
  • Rosen Visors
  • All Instrument Panel Light Panel Bulbs recently replaced (<50 hours)
  • Carpet Runner
  • Mapco Cabinets
  • Mapco Hot Beverage


  • Woodward Governors
  • N-Style Propellers
  • Boots in Excellent Condition
  • Glass Windshield, Heated
  • Hamilton Standard ACM
  • Concord Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
  • Dual Battery Minders
  • Hi Gross Weight Gear, Wheels and Brakes
  • Recent Gear Overhaul 
  • Recent MLG Oleos 
  • Recent MLG Bolts (Upper & Lower) 
  • Recent MLG Door Actuator Overhaul 
  • Recent Pilot Side Window
  • MaxPulse Flashing Landing Lights
  • Collapsible Tow Bar
  • Aft Battery Mod
  • Spare Shear Pin
  • New LH Brake
  • RecentDoor Seals (Main Door Fuselage Side, Emergency Exit, LH Baggage & Pilot Door/Window)
  • Maintenance Manuals
  • Jack Points
  • Complete Logs

Brief History of Upgrades and Equipment


RCA 2600-2 Electronic Attitude Indicator with ESP-1 Backup Battery Mid Continent MD222-406 GPS/VLOC/GS Indicator

Reconditioned radome and properly painted Replaced MX20 with GMX200

New Glareshield Upholstery


LH Outer Tank Fuel Pump Overhauled

Updated Chelton (Send to factory for Mod 1 and new software) Installed Remote Bugs Panel


All 3 main AP servos serviced by Roger Caudill EFIS upgrade to 7.0E software (latest version).

Brand New Beta 3 GPS – SBAS/WAAS/LPV approved


Brand new (latest design) nose landing gear trunnion -017 (no AD) Nose Landing Gear overhaul (partial)

Brand New Chelton ADAHRS (latest generation and Mod level) Brand New Chelton AIU-2 upgrade

Installed Max Pulse high recognition pulse light controller.

Upgraded Garmin GTX33 to 33ES, and latest Garmin software for ADS-B compliance


Aft Battery Mod

New Co-Pilot Window


Upgraded and Overhauled Brake Master Cylinders (Gross Weight Mod) Upgraded and Overhauled Brake Assembly (Gross Weight Mod) Upgraded and Overhauled Wheel Assembly (Gross Weight Mod) Upgraded New MLG Struts, replaced all seals

New Battery October 2017 Pitot Static Inspection

STC List

  • SA02034SE Rosen Sunvisor
  • SA02203AK Chelton EFIS
  • SA01692SE Garmin GMX200 Multi Function Display
  • SA01229SE Garmin GMX480
  • SA00733CH Skywatch
  • SA01861SE and MaxPulse Flashing Landing Lights
  • SA1751SW Crew Restraint
  • SA02583AT Windshield
  • SA1042SO Lead Acid Battery
  • STC SA341GL-D Battery Move

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