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2004 Daher (Socata) TBM 700-C2 N210CL


N210CL………………. SOLD!!!!!!

2004 Daher (Socata) TBM 700-C2 s/n 303

AFTT: 1938

ENGINE: Pratt/Whitney PT6A-64 s/n PCE-PM0183 TT: 1938

SOH: 1938.    SHSI: 1170

PROP: Hartzell (5 Blade) s/n HC-E5N-3C/NC8834K RJ658 TT: 63

Fresh C+ Inspection from Service Center      TBM SN 303 Status Sheet

Current Weight and Balance, Useful Load 2731.51  N210CL W&B


Recently completed the best and most complete avionics upgrade Garmin offers as a retrofit for high performance turbo props, New flight Instruments Dual G-600Txi meets RVSM requirements, engine instrumentation system GEA-71B w dedicated 7” G-600Txi display, autopilot system with smart glide and emergency descent GFC-600, dual touch screen nav/com/GPSs GTN-750xi, weather radar GWX-75, SXM datalink weather and radio GDL-69A, standby ATT/ALT/AS with battery GI-275, dual transponders GTX-345R with diversity meets “Canadian space based ADSB requirements”, the new GDL-60 connext datalink interfaces tablets and phones with new avionics and also connects with Garmin servers for auto database updating and engine trend data uploads while aircraft is on the ground “powered off”, 6 usb chargers 2 in cockpit and 4 in cabin for passengers, audio/intercom system pilot copilot and 4 passenger stations all have Bose/Lemo jacks GMA-35c. The G-600txi EFIS and GFC-600 autopilot have the emergency decent capability… this system will automatically sense cabin pressurization too high and start emergency decent mode with autopilot.


AVIONICS: All New Latest Garmin  Txi Including Autopilot

Garmin GMA-35C Remote Audio Intercom System

Garmin GTN-750xi Nav/Com/GPS

Garmin GTN-750xi Nav/Com/GPS

Garmin GTX-345DR #1 Transponder

Garmin GTX-335R #2 Transponder

Garmin G-600Txi 10” Pilots EFIS with GSU-75B ADAHRS (RVSM)

Garmin G-600Txi 10” Copilots EFIS with GSU-75B ADAHRS (RVSM)

Garmin GCU-485 EFIS Controller

Garmin GDL-60 Connext LTE/Wifi Datalink with Wifi/BT Interface

Garmin G-600Txi 7” EIS/EFIS Display

Garmin GEA-71B EIS Processor

Garmin GWX-75 Weather Radar

Garmin GI-275 Standby ATT/ALT/AS

Garmin GSB-15 USB Chargers

Garmin GDL-69A XM Weather and Radio

Garmin GFC-600 Autopilot System

Bendix/King KRA-405B Radar Altimeter

Bendix/King IHAS 8000 Traffic and Terrain (TAWS B)

L-3 WX-500 Stormscope system

Artex ELT



Whelen LED Nav/Strobe Lights per SB

Whelen Landing/Taxi per SB

Pulse Light Anti-collision System

VAD 100 VoiceAlert per SB

Pilot Door



Gray Leather interior –8/10



Beautiful Blue and White with Red and Silver Accents

Paint – 8/10

Inspection Status: C+ just Completed    TBM SN 303 Status Sheet 

N210CL W&B

The TBM 700C model is the culmination of 10 years of fine-tuning, making it the most capable of all TBM 700s. Its airframe has been strengthened, its avionics upgraded, it is equipped with a new luggage compartment aft of the passenger cabin and with a new cabin environment control system setting a new reference in travel standard.


  • Takeoff Distance: 2153 ft
  • Balanced Field Length: 2840 ft
  • Landing Distance: 2153 ft


  • Rate of Climb: 1570 fpm
  • Max Speed: 300 kts
  • Normal Cruise: 280 kts

Operating Weights

  • Max Ramp Weight: 7430 Lb
  • Max Landing Weight: 7024 Lb
  • Operating Weight: 6032 Lb
  • Empty Weight: 4660 Lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 1947 lbs Lb
  • Payload Useful: 2733.50 Lb


  • Normal Range: 1650 nm
  • Max Range: 1805 nm
  • Service Ceiling: 31000 ft


  • Exterior Height: 14 ft 4 in
  • Wing Span: 41 ft 7 in
  • Length: 34 ft 11 in


  • Cabin Height: 4 ft
  • Cabin Width: 3 ft 11 In
  • Cabin Length: 14 ft 11 In
  • Internal Baggage: 330 cu ft

Fuel Consumption (gallons per hour):55

Fuel Cost (at $5.00 per gallon):$275


Engine Reserves:$189


Total Cost / Per Hour:$620.40

For Sale/Trade:Asking $2,150,000/Make Offer!!!


Specifications and/or descriptions are provided as introductory information.  They do not constitute representations or warranties of Northern Jet Sales, LLC. Accordingly; you should rely on your own inspection of the aircraft.

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