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1978 Cessna 310 R II Excellent!! SOLD!!

1978 Cessna 310R II


TTA: 6657

0 STOH Nickel Cylinders

Left Engine: 657 SFOH: Gold Medallion Cont. 657

Right Engine: 657 SFOH: Gold Medallion Cont. 657

TTP:  Left 78 SOH             Right 657 SOH

A/P Cessna 400B

Annual: 6/1/11 by Hampton Aviation

New Glass

Garmin 340 Audio Panel

Garmin 430 WASS

Garmin 330 Mode S

King 155

Garmin 696 XM MFD

King KCS 55A HSI

Dual JPI’s 700

Paint – New by Crider Aircraft Painting

Interior – New by Boyd Interiors

 Comments:  Gold medallion engines – new windows – new paint, interior, radios have

                       Two year warranty!!!!!

$30,000.00 Complete avionics replacement:  
  Garmin 340, 430WASS, 330S, 696A,Panel mount, King 155 Nav/Com,  
  Twin 700 JPI’s, new pilot panel and current pitot static  
$17,000.00 Complete new interior; leather and wool, wing lockers, front baggage  
  and glare shield  
$13,500.00 New four color strip and paint – split base  
$5,700.00 New side and rear windows  
$350.00 All windows pro-sealed  
$2,900.00 Boots serviced by Boots Edge- recertification  
$1,500.00 Service prop at First Propeller.  Replaced seals, check blades and detail  
$31,000.00 Extensive annual   Replace and repair all skins that showed cracks, including
  re-skinning elevators, nose bowl, ribs in flaps and engine cowls  
  Replaced all screws and fastners with stainless, new tires, flight controls  
  rigged and new bearing  
$13,293.12 Overhaul cylinders, nickle cylinders  
$3,250.00 Remove and replace all cylinders, repair squawks as follows:  
  Replace Alcor EGT probes, repair syncophaser, replace vaccum pump  
$101,950.00 Expenditure Total  


Motivated Owner!! Bring ALL OFFERS!!!