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Aerostar Super 700 1980 N701NJ Superstar 700. SOLD!!!

Aerostar Super 700 1980 N701NJ Superstar 700      SOLD!!!



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1980 Aerostar Super 700

4285 TTSN

LEFT ENGINE: 350 HP IO-540-U2A 144 hrs. since  G&N Crankshaft, Cam, Top OH May 2011

RIGHT AIRFRAME ENGINE: 350 HP IO-540-S1A5/U2A  with case upgrade to same style case as U2A (MM) 581 hrs. since Major Repair G&N Feb 2010 Heavy Crankcase (U2A) Top OH, CAM

PROPELLERS: 180 SOH with New Style Hubs November 2014

ANNUAL Due Feb 2021

KFC 200 – FD Auto-Pilot
PS Engineering – Audio Panel
Avidyne FlightMax 750 – MFD integrating GPS, TCAS and Radar
Garmin GTN 750
Garmin Flightstream 210

Garmin ADSb Transponder

GPSS Roll Steering

King KY 96 – Comm 2

BF Goodrich Skywatch – TCAS

Bendix RDS-82 – Digital Color Radar

Standby Attitude Indicator

Shadin Fuel Flow

JPI 760 Digital EGT

Roll Steering


Option #241 – Inconel Front Exhaust pipes

Option #242 – Inconel Exhaust Tailpipes

Option #244 – Auxiliary Fuel Tank System

Option #246 – 700-6 Wheel Brake System

Option #250 – Low Speed Flight Control

Option #251 – Fireproof Engine Hoses

Option #252 – Crankcase Oil Recovery

Option #253 – Auxiliary Door Seal Pump System

Bulletin #746C – Landing Gear Torque Links

Bulletin #920A – Engine Fire Detection Kit

Bulletin #600-119 – Inconel Turbo Clamps

Bulletin #600-127 – In-Line Oil Filter

Bulletin #600-129A – Turbo Relief/Shut-Off

Bulletin #600-130 – Tail Inspection

Bulletin #600-131A – Turbo Scavenge Pumps

Bulletin #600-132 – Wing Inspection

Bulletin #600-134A – MLG Side Braces


Engine driven Air Conditioning

New Style Propeller Hubs

Known Ice

Propeller De-ice

Propeller Synchrophaser

Auxiliary Hydraulic System

Stainless Fastners

Eyebrow lights

Pulse Lights

Engine Block Heaters

Ultra Vision Glare Shield




Condition: Gray Leather good Condition

Recent exhaust turbos, and wastegate rebuilds. AC system rebuilt Compressor, and all hoses.For Sale/Make Offer!!

Specifications and/or descriptions are provided as introductory information. They do not constitute representations or warranties of Northern Jet Sales, LLC. Accordingly; you should rely on your own inspection of the aircraft.


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