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Aircraft Acquisition


Aircraft Acquisitions

Recent Acquisitions

There is a stream of aircraft which sell, but are never advertised. These aircraft sell at or near wholesale prices and most end users never even hear about them. These deals are snapped up almost as suddenly as they appear due to being the tremendous values that they are. Northern Jet Sales has helped numerous users connect to this “wholesale underground” and would love to plug you in as well.

The following are but a few of the reasons Northern Jet Sales has been so successful in connecting its clients to this wholesale underground.

We routinely communicate with owners and other companies in aviation looking for aircraft coming on the market.

We offer an attractive convenience.

With information so easily available, once an aircraft becomes advertised in one place, everyone is notified of its existence.

Another very important part of the wholesale underground is the reputation we have as being a major player in many markets..

We have established numerous relationships nationally and internationally over the years.

Another benefit we offer our clients is our database. Having researched and tracked many aircraft for years we know most of the aircraft which have damage history, missing log books, questionable history and so forth.

Northern Jet Sales contracts with its clients on a pre-determined fee basis.

With Northern Jet Sales you will gain the inside track to the wholesale underground, where aircraft can be purchased at or near wholesale prices. Please contact us today to discuss the acquisition process and the specifics of the aircraft you are searching. The savings will be substantial and the risk absolutely minimal. Your enthusiastic satisfaction is guaranteed.

Give us a call NOW at 615-405-7925 cell/Whatsap


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